• *Premium Mineral Oil with Superior quality.

  • *Keeps engine cleaner.

  • *Reduces engine noise and vibration.

  • *Smooth clutch engagement.

Shell Advance 4T AX5 is Shell’s conventional 4 stroke motorcycle engine oil made from premium mineral base oil and motorcycle-specific additive pack with Active Cleansing Technology. The state of the art Shell Active Cleansing Technology helps prevent dirt particles sticking together to form deposits. The unique Active Cleansing Agent in the additive pack helps to cleanse and keep the motorcycle engine clean. A clean motorcycle engine helps provide better engine efficiency, performance, and protection. Shell Advance 4T AX5 four-stroke motorcycle engine oil meets the requirements of most motorcycle manufacturers.

Recommended for using for standard air and water-cooled four-stroke motorcycle engines with integral gearboxes and wet-type clutch assembly.