Specifications of  Remia Italian Salad Dressing - 250ml.

Product description

The Remia salad dressing comes in a neat glass Bottle, very sleek and easy to handle. You can see the paprika and herbs floating in the dressing which is a pretty sight.

  • Product Type: Remia Italian Salad Dressing.

  • Brand:  Remia.

  • Weight: 250ml.

  • Quality: 100% Original

  • Packaging: Glass Jar

  • Product Origin: Netherlands.


Water, Vinegar, Glucosefructose Syrup, vegetables (Paprika 3.5%, Onion 2.4%, Salt, Garlic, Dill, tarragon, thickener, xanthan Gum and locust bean Gun, acid: Lactic acid ,natural Flavouring Carrot extract.