Specifications of Pringles Potato Chips Sour Cream & Onion – 158g.

Pringles Sour Cream & Onion Potato Crisps have been relaunched with a new packaging and a new crunch texture.

The product is made with 5.5% sour cream and onion seasoning, and retails in a 158g pack.

  1. Product Type: Pringles Potato Chips Sour Cream & Onion

  2. Brand: Pringles

  3. Weight: 158g

  4. Quality: 100% Original.

  5. Packaging: Plastic Jar.

  6. Product Origin:  UK


potato flake, vegetable oil, corn flour, wheat starch, sour cream and onion seasoning (refined salt, whey, flavour enhancer 1 (monosodium L-glutamate), glucose,

onion powder, maltodextrin, sugar, artificial flavours (artificial sour cream flavour, artificial onion flavour), vegetable oil, skim milk powder, sour cream powder,

citric acid, lactic acid, fermented milk, flavour enhancer 2, DL-malic acid, yeast extract, silicon dioxide, tricalcium phosphate), emulsifier, maltodextrin, citric acid.