Specifications of Nut Candy Salted Peanuts-150g.

When you think of nuts, you probably think of peanuts, beans or even peas products. But there is a lot more to tong garden than candy bars and snack. Most people don't know that we are asia's largest nuts company, the only company that is truly dedicated to providing a complete range of nut products to meet the needs and tastes of people from around the region. All tong garden products undergo stringent quality control checks and comply with all local health regulations before they are made available for the consumer market. Top-graded raw materials, relentless research and development and good manufacturing practice (GMP) are the key factors to tong garden's excellent quality. It is company policy to select only the best sources and most reliable suppliers from around the globe.

Product Type: Nut Candy Salted Peanuts.

Brand: Nut Candy.

Weight: 150g.

Quality: 100% Original

Packaging: Plastic Jar.

Product Origin: Thailand.


Peanuts, palm olein and iodine salt.