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    Check out the new recipe NESCAFE SPECIAL FILTER enriched with Arabica beans ground to 10 times more finely in order to release all the aromatic richness. Find the balanced profile of this iconic cafe at the even finer aroma, rich and subtle. A coffee prepared carefully: The new NESCAFE SPECIAL FILTER is the fruit of the alliance of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans carefully selected by our coffee experts. Slow roasting then allows them to reveal all their flavors for a delicate and savory taste. The new recipe offers a unique tasting experience: it is enriched with Arabica beans grown at high altitude, roasted and then ground to the heart 10 times more finely. This is to ensure a result in even more aromatic cup, decorated with subtle roasted coffee notes. We put all our passion and expertise in each cup of NESCAFE SPECIAL FILTER!