Specifications of Monin Grenadine 700ml.

Product description

Monin syrup Grenadine 70 cl Do you want any home, restaurant, cafe etc Your specialty coffee drinks refine and special taste experience serving? With the professional Sirupen of Monin make you not only suit your coffee and cocktail the lovely finishing touch. Standard syrup for upmarket catering The French family business, the Monin has been the 1912 its popular syrups her and has established itself as a worldwide industry leader established ever since. Make the most of the experience to try Monin syrup for your ideas. Bartender, Barista, chefs and pâtissiers are confident in the professional quality, and Le Sirop de Monin syrup Recommended. Best quality for demanding applications Le Sirop de Monin syrup is particularly effective, the mixture ratio is 1: 8) thanks to the use of cane sugar that are the main characteristics of the syrup very heat resistant and impresses with its intense colour. The syrup contains no fat or cholesterol. As well as the convincing packaging and the integrated easy drip-free pourer and the easy grip shape of the bottle is to use quickly and cleanly, to see Simple as 1, 2, 3. Le Sirop de Monin grenadine For cocktails with a special twist we recommend Le Sirop de Monin grenadine. The special syrup for imaginative creations. Professional quality at a fair price Very high capacity Delight your friends and guests. Enjoy Le Sirop de Monin syrup than Coronation on the dessert, ice and crepe. It comes with refined cocktail with a shot Monin thrill Here you can order Monin syrup Quick and easy. In our online shop you will find Monin also available in other taste Richungen: Hazelnut, Vanilla Coffee Syrup, Cane Sugar, Caramel, passion fruit (passion fruit), Amaretto, Almond, lime, Mojito Mint, Watermelon, coconut, elderflower and many other application lighting and so on. You will receive 70 cl Monin syrup.

  • Product Type: Monin Grenadine 700ml.

  • Brand: Monin.

  • Weight: 700ml.

  • Quality: 100% Original.

  • Packaging: Glass Jar.

  • Product Origin: Malaysia.


Zucker, Wasser, Säuerungsmittel Zitronensäure, natürliches Aroma, Farbstoffe Ammoniumsulfit-Zuckerkulör, Azorubin. Enthält Vanille- und Beerenobstextrakte. Nährwerte pro 100ml: 336kcal, 1405Kj, Eiweiß 0g, Kohlenhydrate 83,1g, davon Zucker 83,1g, 0g Fett, 0,03g Salz.