Specifications of Heinz Custard With Banana (6+) 110g.

Have a healthy meal anywhere! Heinz Custard with Banana is designed to give your baby a nutritious and delicious meal. Made from fresh bananas and containing no preservatives, coloring, flavors. Packaged in a conveni ent glass container, your baby can have a delicious meal anywhere!

  • Product Type: Heinz Custard With Banana (6+)

  • Brand: Heinz.

  • Weight: 110g

  • Quality: 100% Original

  • Packaging: Glass Jar

  • Product Origin: Australia


Water, Full Cream Milk (25%), Sugar, Cornflour, Banana (1.7%), Unsalted Butter, Cream, Natural Banana Flavour, Sweetened

• Water is added for cooking and to ensure appropriate texture.