Specifications of FOX’S Crystal Clear Fruits Candy-180g.

Offering a refreshing and cool taste and fruity taste, the nestle fox's fruity flavoured candy is perfect for casual popping. These crystal clear candies are made with glucose syrup to give it a sweet flavour. Perfect for after eating. The world's leading company in nutrition, wellness and health, nestle was established in 1866 and has its headquarters in Switzerland. The company is well known for its breakfast cereals, baby food, dairy products, snacks, pet foods, confectionery, ice cream and coffee all over the world.

Product Type: FOX’S Crystal Clear Fruits Candy-180g

  • Brand: Nestle

    Weight: 180g

    Quality: 100% Original

    Packaging: Tin Jar

    Product Origin:Turky


Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Lactic Acid, Nature Identical Flavours, Fruit extracts, food colors, Fox’s without synthetic colorants.

Blackcurrant, Orange, Lemon.180g.Energy per 100 gm – 388Kca.