Specifications of Dano Fresh Cream Sterilized - 170g.


Dano sterilized cream has a thick and creamy texture and is directly imported from Denmark. You can buy this sterilized cream at souq.com.The Dano Sterlized Cream is a versatile all-purpose cream for baking and cooking. It is made from fresh cow’s milk and vegetable oil. You can use this sterilized cream in preparing various mouth-watering recipes. Also, you can use it as a topping on sweets, vermicelli, pastry, toast or bread. It has a smooth and creamy texture, which makes it perfect to be added in some excellent dishes like cream korma, cream curry, shahi tukra, custard, firni, etc. This cooking cream enriches the taste and can also be used to garnish your dishes. So, go ahead add a touch of luxury to your flavorful dishes. This Dano sterilized cream is available in a 170g can, which is handy to be used.

Product Type: Dano Fresh Cream Sterilized.

Brand: Dano.

Weight: 170g.

Quality: 100% Original.

Packaging: Tin Jar.

Product Origin: Denmark.


Milk, vegetable oil.