Specifications of Ceylon Naturals COCONUT OLI -200ml.

Ceylon Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is unique and proclaimed as one of the healthiest oils.100% Organic USDA, EU certified organic, processed in ISO and BRC certified facility and certified vegan by the vegan society.Island of Ceylon or Srilanka as it is known now, is one of the worlds largest producers of coconuts. The tropical weather and the salty soil around the island, results in superior quality coconuts, thus the best aroma.Ceylon Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from coconuts harvested from gardens in Srilanka. The fully ripened, mature meat is first dried and then cold pressed to extract all the rich goodness.Ceylon Virgin Coconut Oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids such as Lauric acid and 100%cholesterol. This energy boosting, flavor enhancing medium-heat cooking oil is perfect for flavoring, baking, frying, & roasting (a healthier alternative to margarine).

  • Product Type: Ceylon Naturals COCONUT OL

  • Brand: Ceylon

  • Weight: 200ml

  • Quality: 100% Original

  • Packaging: Glass Jar

  • Product Origin: Srilanka


Ceylon Naturals organic extra virgin coconut oil is harvested and produced from the most purest coconut kernels harvested exclusively from the tropical island of Sri Lanka. Premium quality extra virgin coconut oil is extracted from organic environments that are protected from external heat and is least prone to synthetic pesticides and herbicides. Ceylon Naturals Extra virgin coconut oil is made from the fresh coconut kernels, which is the white flesh, and the extraction is through the process of ‘cold-pressing’