Specifications of Capri-Sun Alaska ice Tea-200ml

Capri Sun 100% Fruit Punch from concentrate with other ingredients offers a refreshing on the go drink that's made with all natural fruit juice. Ready to drink right from the pouch, this kids drink captures the ripe, fresh flavor of apples, grapes and cherries for a refreshing taste your kids will love all school year long. Each pouch contains 3/4 cup of fruit juice, so you get the taste of real fruit (as part of a well-balanced diet, eat a variety of fruit every day and be sure to make most of your fruits whole fruits.

  1. Product Type: Capri-Sun Alaska ice Tea-200ml

  2. Brand: Capri-Sun

  3. Weight: 200 ml

  4. Quality: 100% Original

  5. Packaging: Plastic Jar

  6. Product Origin:  Switzerland


Water, sugar, peach puree from concentrate (3,7%), peach juice from concentrate (1,7%), citric acid, natural flavoring, vitamin C, antioxidant ascorbic acid, decaffeinated tea extract (0,001%).